The New WebinarJam has tons of great new features.

With all these new options, there is much to test. While the Genesis Digital team has tested many different computers, internet speeds, and our own preferences for settings, we know our awesome users are really the best barometer for what truly happens during a webinar set-up and broadcast, as you have an even wider variety of computers, internet speeds and preferences.

With that in mind, we’re asking you, our Beta users, to test some of the cool new features and confirm they work for you, so we can continue offering the New WebinarJam to a wider customer base.


Webinar Provider Options

When you use the Full Configuration, you have a choice of providers.

  1. WebinarJam Live
  2. YouTube Live

It is WebinarJam Live we’d like for you to test.

We specifically want to confirm those replays and chats are working and downloadable.

Replays and chat are in slightly different places now, so let’s cover how to find them!


Getting your Replay!

Your replays are in a similar place to the original platform. Since they will no longer be available to download from YouTube (for WebinarJam Live), you’ll instead download them directly from user dashboard.

Go to “Your Links” (Marked #2 Below)


On the popup that appears, click replays. While most of the steps are similar to before, the ability to download replays is brand new, and it appears as a little icon marked #4 below.

Where is my chat?

Your chat is still available under Analytics, “Inside Your Webinar”. Scroll all the way to the bottom of that section to find “Download Chat History”.



Slide Presentation

You now have the ability to upload a slide presentation!

You can either preload, or load during your webinar, a PDF, Powerpoint, or Keynote presentation to be displayed during your event. As long as the file is under 50 MB and doesn’t have animations or videos. While you are live you have a choice of a wide variety of different transitions to use.

To preload your slideshow, use Full Configuration and go the Live Tab of your webinar. There, you’ll see “Pre-configure your Slide Presentation” once you click “Add New Slide Presentation”. You can upload any PDF, Powerpoint, or Keynote that doesn’t have any animation.


Once you are live, load the slide by going to the icon that looks like a presentation screen (Marked #1 Below).

Click “Start a Slide Presentation” (Marked #2 Below).

From here, you can upload a new presentation by pressing “Create a new slide presentation” or choose one of the slideshows you’ve previously uploaded.

Next, preview the slideshow (or move forward to the slide where you’d like to start). While you’re in preview mode, it’s a great opportunity to test the different transitions to see which one you want to use. You can easily change at any time!

Once you’re ready to go, press the start button!

Your presentation will appear full webinar screen for your attendees. If you have your camera on, you will be a small thumbnail in the lower right corner. When you’re done sharing your slides, press “stop slide presentation”.


File Sharing

Another brand new function!

And similar to a presentation, you can preload, or load during your webinar. To preload, use Full Configuration and go the Live Tab of your webinar. There you’ll see “Pre-configure your File Sharing”.

Click “Add New Files”, and upload any file type up to 5 MB to share with your audience.

Once you are live, click the “paper” icon (Marked #1 Below), then click “Share a file” (Marked #2 Below) to choose a file you’ve preloaded. Or, upload a file with “Create a new file”.

The file will display as an image. Click Start, and your file will appear for your audience.

Your attendees will see the file in the sidebar. While you can’t display two files at once, you can display a poll, an offer, and a file and each will appear in a separate tab for your attendees. See the example below.

Once you’re ready to end sharing the file, press “Stop file sharing”.


Screenshare is something that has been available since WebinarJam originally launched. However, updates and new versions of WebinarJam can bring subtle changes that may mean a program you previously shared will not be shareable now (we’ve found Chrome updates can be the source of such problems).

With the wide variety of third party programs out there, it is hard for us to know what programs our customers may want to share. While we’d love to make WebinarJam work for all third party programs, it’s not always possible.

We also know many of our customers use two monitors. While it works for the people on our team who have two, we know some settings may not function the same. So information about how you got your two monitor set-up to share can help us help the next customers.

To share your screen, click on the “screen” icon (Marked #3 Below).

Video Sharing

Although the Video Injection feature is not new, if you have Vimeo Pro, Amazon S3 videos, we’d love to know how they do in the New WebinarJam.


Other Items

Page Builders

We have new page builders. With 17 different templates, some with video, some with bullets, some with backgrounds, there’s almost an infinite number of ways you can customize your page.

Additionally, the Thank you pages and Waiting Pages both have 7 templates to choose from, and all of them are mobile friendly. Download Instructions


The Thank You page survey itself is not new. But now, you can export those results!


Password Protection

This is another new function that can help protect your webinar from “prying eyes”. To use it, go to your Registration Tab, select “Password Protection”.

Need more help? Download our Guide!



It’s finally here! And, you can see the Camera displays in the lower right.

Click the pencil icon in the top toolbar (Marked #1 Below).

Change the opacity with the slider (Marked #2 Below). Change it to clear and you can “write” on your screenshare or video. But be warned, writing on a video can be a bit slow, especially on weaker internet.

You can change the size of your pencil, erase, draw lines, arrows, shapes, or add text. Click the small blue plus beside the word Whiteboard 1 to add a second whiteboard.




We appreciate you being a beta tester, and hope you love the New WebinarJam as much as we do. Testing WebinarJam and sharing the results helps make the product better both for other members and you.

Please share your results with us.

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