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Webinar Presenters and Admins

Now we are going to set you up as webinar owner and set up one friend as a co-presenter.

Most of the registration pages will only display two presenters, but there are some that will show additional webinar presenters. But since this is “Jamming with Friends” it’s a great time to test some other cool aspects of WebinarJam.

So during this test webinar, add just a friend or two. During your Live Webinar Broadcast section of Jamming with Friends, you’ll learn how to bring in additional friends.

Different Types of Admins

There are actually three different types of administrators you can add.  In the image below you can see there is a Webinar Owner, a CoPresenter, and a Moderator.  But who are these people?

Webinar Owner

You are typically the webinar owner.  And the Webinar Owner is the person who must start the webinar and end the webinar. You will also have administrator controls over everyone in the webinar. The webinar owner has control to mute fellow presenters, turn off their camera or allow another presenter administrator rights.

You will also have WebinarJam sidebar control panel, which lets you control what the viewer sees.


To have a co-presenter you need to be sure “Active Speaker” is checked. The webinar presenter will have the WebinarJam sidebar control panel, which means they can control things the viewer sees.  If you give them administrator rights during the webinar, they can mute other presenters.


If the “Active Speaker”box is unclicked, the person’s image will not be added to registration pages.  This is a great option for a chat moderator.

We recommend the moderator use the full page control panel, and watch the webinar like an attendee. 

Setting up Webinar Presenters

While these three are already added, you can see I clicked “Edit” to fix a mistake on the CoPresenter.  This will be explained below.

WebinarJam Presenters

1) Edit

You may not need to edit. But if you do, simply click the pencil beside the person’s name. This will bring them back to the editing screen.  (Marked #1 Above)

The next steps are for when you set up a presenter or edit the.

2) Change Photo

Click Change photo to add a 130 x 130 image. (Marked #2 Above) If your image is not square, it will distort like the Co Presenter’s image.

3) Name, Email, and Bio

Add the presenter’s name. The use of symbols, or non-alphanumeric symbols is not recommended. (Marked #3 Above)

Beneath the presenter’s name is the email address for your presenter. You must use different emails for each person on this page.

The Bio is where you can write additional information about the presenter.  This is for single paragraph to introduce them.

4) Active Speaker

For the first person, you can choose if this person is the Webinar Owner and if the person is an Active Speaker.  For co-presenters, you will want to leave the “Active Speaker” checked. Since you want your friend to talk to you during your “Jamming with Friends, you will want to make certain the Active Speaker box stays checked.  (Marked #4 Above)

If you uncheck the box, they won’t have a speaker role and will become a moderator, like discussed above.

5) “Change” or “Add Admin/ Presenter”

Make certain to click the blue box to “Change” or to “Add Admin/presenter” otherwise your changes will not be saved.   (Marked #5 Above)

After you press the button, you will see you can add additional presenters and press the “Add Admin/ Presenter” button. Please remember you only want to add a couple, because you’ll be bringing in additional friends later.

It’s time to click “PROCEED” (Marked #6 Above) which if everything is marked correctly should now be green.

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