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Of course after all this work, you don’t want your friends to forget about the webinar, so you’ll want to set up some webinar notifications so they’ll be reminded!

You will now be on the Notifications Tab. (Marked #1 Below).

Click the pencil beside Webinar Notifications, (Marked #2 Below) and you’ll see a screen similar to below.

Email Notifications

Select Email notifications. (Marked #3 Below)

WebinarJam Notifications-email

Webinar Notifications Popup

A popup will appear.  In this popup you’ll have two options “Use Our Server” or “Use Your Server.”

Use Our Server

For Jamming with Friends, we recommend choosing “Use our server.” (Marked #1 Below) this is much easier, and doesn’t require an additional program.

Then fill out the Sender’s Name and Sender’s Email. (Marked #2 Below)

Click Proceed when you have that information entered and your users will now see your name on the webinar notifications you send out!

WebinarJam Notifications Email Popup


Add Email

Your next step is to click “Add Email” as Marked #1 Below.

WebinarJam notifications-email-add


Phone Verification

If you want to edit your emails, you will need to use Phone Verification. Select your country code and your cell phone number, then press the Send Code. It may take a few minutes before you get the SMS confirmation code, so please wait 5 before requesting a new code.

Once you get the code, enter it in the box that appears, and your email will be verified.

Webinar Notifications Email Phone Verification

Edit Email

After you’ve have passed the phone verification, you can edit your emails.

This means that you can translate “Webinar Title” and “Webinar Description” into a different language.  You have a basic text editor so you can change font sizes, text alignment, add some numbered or bullet lists, even images!

You can see what the editor looks like in the image below!


Please be careful to leave the shortcodes alone.

These codes provide date, time, presenter information directly from your webinar.  The #LINK# code provides each attendee with their own custom #LINK# URL or #REPLAY# URL when the webinar is over


WebinarJam Notification Edit


Additional Emails

Once you have added an email, you will see a blue box with the delivery time.  (Marked #2 Below).

To add additional emails, click “Add Email”. (Marked #1 Below).   All pre-webinar and replay emails can be configured in number of hours before and after the webinar starts.

The “Last Minute” reminder is always set for 15 pre-webinar.


We recommend an Immediate Email, an hour before, and a “Last Minute Email.”  If you plan a replay, we recommend 2 hours after the start of the webinar.


WebinarJam notifications-email-add


Email Tools

Next to the #3 Above is a beaker, a pencil, and a trash can. These are explained below.

Test Email

The beaker allows you to send a test email to yourself.

* NOTE: Using the test feature in the Notifications section doesn’t replace the shortcodes. However, in the live email reminders, they will appear with the proper information.

Edit Email

To edit the email after it has been created, press the pencil icon. We recommend that you “Proceed to Next” through your whole webinar when you make a change after the webinar has been created.

Delete Email

Pressing the trash can will delete an email.  You will be warned that deleting the email will change your analytics.





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