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This chapter is going to cover the last steps in your webinar set up! Soon you’ll be going live!


You’ve arrived at the Replay tab.

Once your webinar completes and the video has finished processing, it will upload to your YouTube Account. On this tab you can customize your replay contents.

For Jamming with Friends, we recommend you enable the replay.


Enable Webinar Replay Page

Click the pencil beside “Enable Webinar Replay Page” (Marked #2 Below).

Click the “Enable Webinar Replay Page” button (Marked #3 Below).

Press Confirm! (Marked #4 Below)

WebinarJam Enable Replay


You don’t need to change any other settings.

You can read more about the tabs below or skip to the next section.

WebinarJam Replay Settings


Additional Replay Tabs

For Your Information Only

Configure the webinar replay contents

Here you can choose a Replica Replay or custom video url. Once you enable a replay, it automatically sets to “Replica Replay”, which is our recommendation.

Read How to Change Your Replay.

Set webinar replay page expiration time

The replay expiration time is set automatically to No Expiration. On this tab you can change the replay to expire in a specific number of hours after the live event ends.

Set your recorded replay video privacy status

Videos are automatically set to private. To change the privacy status, we recommend you change it in YouTube, under Advanced Settings.

Read How to Change Advanced Settings.

Allow users to send questions from the replay page

If you prefer, you can turn on the question box and allow your attendees to send questions to you via email from your replay.

Read how to Display a Question Box.

Display social media share buttons (Facebook and Twitter)

Choose to show Social Media icons and allow attendees to share your webinar during the replay.


If you wish to make your webinar a paid event, the Monetization tab is the place to do it. To be nice, you can let your friends join for free using the post-payment url, also found in this tab. We have several articles detailing this section and subject. Or just skip it, and make this webinar free to attend for now!

Read more on Monetization.


You are now finished setting up your Webinar!

You finished Webinar Setup!

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