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Connecting to YouTube

The previous chapter covered the first two steps in your WebinarJam Configuration: Basic Configuration, and Setting Up Your WebinarJam Schedule.


In this chapter, we are going to Connect your YouTube Account to WebinarJam.

Connecting to YouTube requires several steps, so we’ve broken them down into smaller sections.


Connect Your YouTube Account

This is the most important step of your webinar set-up!

The YouTube Channel you choose here is where all your webinars will record.  In future webinars, you can review this section and decide then if you wish to continue use of the same channel.

WebinarJam Configuration Choose Provider

1) Connect Your YouTube Account Section

Press the pencil (Marked #1 Above).

2) YouTube Set up

You will need to adjust several settings in your channel so that YouTube allows your attendees to see your webinar. The chapter of “Configuring your YouTube” outlines these steps completely.

If you haven’t done those steps yet, please do so now!

3) YouTube Connect

Once you press this button, you’ll be able to choose the Gmail or YouTube Channel you want to use for your webinars  (Marked #3 Above).

You may change channels later, but you can only be connected to one channel at a time.


Choosing a Google Account

So many users have multiple Gmail or Google based email accounts.

If this is true for you, you will see a screen similar to below.  From here, you can choose an account already listed or click “Add Account”.


Google says “Accounts” here, as well, but these are all the subaccounts, or YouTube Channels available under that particular Gmail account.

Here, it is very important to choose a YouTube channel that is set up with Live Streaming and Embed.  For this user, they can choose either of the top two accounts, the bottom two do not work.

WebinarJam Configuration Choose Channel


WebinarJam Permissions

You are doing great!

1) Confirm the Channel

Check the Gmail/email account now that you have arrived to this screen.  It will appear in the upper right (Marked #1 Below).

2) Click Allow

WebinarJam needs permission to connect to your YouTube and gmail. The permission screen will look similar to below.  Click Allow if you are on the right channel.  (Marked #2 Below)


The channel you just chose is the channel all your JamSession webinars will be connected to until you set up a new connection.


Congratulations! You Are Connected!

Your screen should look like the screen featured below.

You will see the email related to your account below the “Connected” button.   If you aren’t connected to the proper account, or want to change channels, simply press the “reset button”. You’ll need to go through the steps above again to connect your new channel.

Please note, the channel you chose will be used for all future JamSessions.

WebinarJam Configuration Connect YouTube Connect


Your WebinarJam Configuration is done!

Part of Jamming With FriendsWebinar Setup

The previous chapter Configuration of Your New Webinar

The Next Chapter is Setting up Presenters!


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