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Time for Your First WebinarJam Configuration!


Practice makes perfect! Whether you’re an old pro or just starting out, creating a “Jam Session” is the first step to getting familiar with WebinarJam.



Press “New Webinar”.

Find the “Configuration” tab (seen below). Here, you will see three different sections.

All sections will be discussed in detail in this article, but these links will point you directly to each one.

  • Basic Configuration
  • Setting Up Your WebinarJam Schedule
  • Connect Your YouTube Account (Takes you to the Next Chapter)


WebinarJam Configuration


Basic Configuration

This the first, and possibly most important, section under Configuration. Here is where you are going to give your webinar a name for your reference, a name for your registrants to see, and a meaningful description that will compel people to register for your webinar.

For the purpose of Jamming With Friends, think of a description that will amuse the friends you’ve asked to join you!

Below are the steps to set up your Basic Configuration.


1) Opening Basic Configuration

Press the Pencil beside Basic Configuration (Marked #1 above).

2) Webinar Name

This is for your own reference and is what appears on your dashboard among your list of webinars. You want a name that is descriptive and easy for you to identify, such as “First Jam Session”  (Marked #2 Above).

3) Webinar Title

The Webinar Title is the title that appears to the public. In this case, you can name it “Jamming with Friends”. In future webinars, you want the name to be something that will appeal to your registrants.  (Marked #3 Above)

4) Webinar Description

Here you’ll add a description such as “My first Jam Session with my friends”. This description will be public. Like the above title, you want it to be something that is relevant and appeals to your audience. (Marked #4 Above)

5) Webinar Language

Do your attendees speak a language other than English? Choose one here. Your attendees will be able to see the webinar interface and pages in the language of your choice (Marked #5 Above).

6) Webinars On Demand

If you wish, you can add this webinar to our “OnDemand” Webinar Directory (Marked #6 Above).

We do not recommend this for “Jamming with Friends”, but you can choose to list a future webinar.  After you choose “Yes, List It”, you can choose from one of many different categories. Choose the one that best matches your webinar content.  Read More about the “On Demand” Webinar Directory.

7) Confirm

(Marked #7 Above) Congratulations, you’ve gotten your first section set up!  Now on to the next section!



WebinarJam Schedule

Now, it’s time to set a date and time for your “Jamming with Friends” webinar.

WebinarJam Schedule Configuration

1) Webinar Schedules

Click the pencil beside “Webinar Schedules” to configure your date and time (Marked #1 Above).

2) Webinar Schedule

Here you can choose between a “Right Now” webinar or “Schedule It” (Marked #2 Above).

Right Now webinars do not have a registration page or thank you page to worry about. For this webinar, you want to wait until your friends can join you. So, select “Schedule It” and we’ll show you in a the coming chapter how to let your friends know about it.

3) Webinar Recurrence

You can choose from a “Single Presentation” which can be either a single showing or multiple showings of the same content (like multiple movie showings). Or…

A Series of Presentations, which allows a visitor to register once for a progressive series of webinars (like signing up for a Netflix Series).

Since this is just a JamSession with friends, you are going to choose a single presentation  (Marked #3 Above).

4) Set the Date

Click the calendar icon and choose the best date for you and your friends! (Marked #4 Below)

5) Set the Time

Click the clock icon. A pop in will appear that allows you to arrow down for an earlier time or up for a later one. Please note this is a 12 hour clock.

Minutes are shown in 15 minute increments, so choose :00, :15, :30, or :45.

Then choose AM or PM (Marked #5 Above).

6) Set the Time Zone

Here, you can can scroll down the list to find your corresponding time zone  (Marked #6 Above).

7) Add the Session

This step is not complete until you press this Blue Plus Button (Marked #7 Above).

8) Confirm

Press Confirm (Marked #8 Above)  and you’ll be ready for the next WebinarJam Configuration step.


Now you are done with the first two steps of the WebinarJam Configuration! Connect Your YouTube account is next!  See below!


Part 2 of Jamming With FriendsWebinar Setup

The previous chapter is Configuring YouTube: Your First Step with WebinarJam

The Next Chapter is Connect YouTube!


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