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After Your Webinar!

While your Jamming with Friends Webinar is over, but there is still a bit more to learn about WebinarJam before your first webinar.

Your Video

Your video will upload to Be sure you are on the same channel as you connected to WebinarJam. It does take take time for the video to encode, so it may be a few hours before you see it on your video manager.  We found a cool video that explains YouTube Processing.


If you set up a post webinar notification, your attendees will get an email with the replay link.  Post Webinar Notifications are not hours “after a webinar ends” but hours “after a webinar starts.”


There is a lot to see in Analytics, but you just need some basics for your Jamming with Friends webinar.

Who Attended Your Webinar

First let’s see who registered and attended your webinar.

Analytics is a tab on the left.  (Marked #1 Below)

Pick your Webinar Name (Marked #2 Below) and then pick your session (Marked #3 Below).  Even if you only have one session, you still need to select the session. Then press go.

The bottom section is “Registrants and Attendees” click it to see exactly who your registrants and attendees are!  (Marked #4 Below)

You can scroll left and right at the bottom of the section so you can see Attended live, Time in the Room, Attended Replay, Time in the Replay and much more. Clicking the pencil you can edit their information. Clicking the trash can would delete a registrant.  (Marked #5 Below)

Downloading Your Chat

While you are on the analytics page, you can download your chat!

To do so, you need to visit Analytics, Select your webinar, and your session.  Then click the down arrow beside “Analytics: Inside Your Webinar” and then you’ll see “Download Chat History.”  (Marked with an arrow below)

This downloads as a CSV file, which you can open with a spreadsheet or a text editor. If you plan to edit the chat to use in an EverWebinar, we recommend using a Text Editor.   Read: How to edit Text for EverWebinar



If you have EverWebinar, you can convert your Jamming with Friends to an EverWebinar. If you have EverWebinar and want to learn more, we recommend you read our EverWebinar Quick Start Guide.



You have finished Jamming with Friends!



Part 4 of Jamming With Friends: Going Live with WebinarJam

The Previous Chapter is During your Webinar.

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