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Congratulations! You’ve set up a webinar… you did a live webinar with friends… and now it is time to review your event!

Where is my replay?

To find your replay, you will once again need to visit “My Webinars” in WebinarJam. Find your webinar and click “Your Links”. This will open up a list of available links. (Marked #2 Below)


WebinarJam Links

In the popup that appears you will want to click “Replay Recording”(Marked #1 Below). This will take you to a new tab with a dropdown. Select the date of your webinar from the dropdown (Marked #2 Below).

Your replay link will appear to the right (Marked #3 Below) which you can copy and send to friends. If you want to see the replay yourself, click the over arrow icon (Marked #5 Below). If you want to download the webinar to edit it or keep it, click the download icon (Marked #4 Below)


WebinarJam Replay Links


Now that you know where your replay is and how to view it, it’s time to see who actually attended your webinar. For this you will want to visit Analytics (Marked #1 Below).

Here you will need to select your webinar from the first drop down (Marked #2 Below). You can select all sessions or a specific session from the next drop down (Marked #3 Below). The press go (Marked #4 Below) to get WebinarJam to pull the analytics from your webinar.


WebinarJam Analytics
As you can see from the screen above, you will have quite a few sections to look through. But we’re going to cover just a few sections since Jamming with Friends is about the basics and a quick review.

How can I see how many attended?

Traffic is the first box on your analytics. This covers the basic numbers of your webinar, and in this section you will see:

  • Registration Page Visitors: This is a visitor who either has never visited your registration page before or cleared their cookies.
  • Registrations: This is the number of people who actually registered for your webinar.
  • Live Attendees: This is the number of people who attended your webinar live.
  • Replay Attendees: This is the number of people who attended your replay.

WebinarJam Analytics

Can I download my chat?

Beneath is “Inside your Webinar” which shows the length of your webinar, average time attendees were in your webinar and more. Since this was a webinar with friends, you just need the chat.

To find your chat, scroll to the bottom of the section. There you will find a button labeled “Download chat history.”

NOTE: If you picked “All Sessions” at the top of analytics, you will see “Please browse individual sessions to download the chat history” which means you will need to go select your Jamming with Friends webinar date at the top.

WebinarJam Chat
When you click “Download chat history” you will see a popup similar to below. With “Jamming with Friends” you will see just one session, but with other webinars you may see several. Click “Download” and a new popup will appear asking if you want to open a Microsoft Excel Comma Separated Values File and your computer will recommend a program to open it with. This is best opened in a spreadsheet.

WebinarJam Chat

Who attended my webinar?

Now you want to skip all the way to the bottom to “Registrants and Attendees.” Clicking the plus will reveal a screen similar to below.  If you want to check if specific friend attended, type their name or email in the search box (Marked #1 Below). To download your list of registrants click “Export Current List” (Marked #2 Below).  To see more information about your friend, such as how long they watched, or if they watched the replay, you need to use the scroll / slider bar (Marked #3 Below).

To see additional friends (if you have over 100 on this test webinar), you’ll want to go through your pages (Marked #4 Below). You can also choose to send an email, SMS, edit or delete a single registrant (Marked #5 Below), each has a mouse-over to explain what the icon is.


WebinarJam Analytics

Congratulations! You have set up, presented, and checked your analytics on your first webinar!

We recommend that you bookmark Jamming with Friends as this guide can come in handy whenever you want a practice. And practicing regularly is what helps you look like a professional during your webinar.

WebinarJam Success

All three Chapters


How do I set up my Jamming with Friends?

The first part “WebinarJam Setup” walks you through the steps of setting up your webinar and how to invite your friends.

Setting up Your Jamming With Friends

How do I go live with WebinarJam?

Going Live with WebinarJam may seem like a scary task, and but this section explains the steps to starting your webinar session right so your attendees can see you, how to run the webinar and how to end it correctly!

Jamming With Friends Live Event

What happens after Jamming with Friends?

This chapter is optional but provides you with the basic things many of our users like to explore after their webinar is over.

After Your Jamming With Friends Event


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