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Sharing and Moderating Your EverWebinar

Setting up your webinar is complete!  But now is time to spread the word… and get your evergreen webinar started!

Sharing Your Webinar

To start bringing people in and letting them know about your webinar, you’ll need the Attendees link, found under My Webinars.  Click “Attendees” under Access links and you’ll send the “Webinar Invitation Link” (Marked #1 Below). This points directly to your registration page, previously configured in Rocking Registration.

You can share this on social media, your website and more.


Moderating Your EverWebinar

While EverWebinar is a completely automated process, there may be times you want to moderate your sessions.  Moderating an EverWebinar is a bit different than moderating a live session, as the chat you have programmed will play automatically.

You’ll only see the chat of live attendees.  Also, live attendees can’t chat with one another, which means you don’t have to worry about someone logging in and chatting inappropriately, which makes moderating entirely optional.

Finding the EverWebinar Moderator Link

The Moderator link is called a Live Chat link. You can find it under My Webinar, then scroll all the way to the right under Access links, you’ll see the Live Chat link (Marked #1 Below)

How do I moderate?

The Moderator can see both attendee chat and questions. The moderator can respond back or use the Question and Answer section to answer the webinar attendee. They can also see how many people are attending and if there are other moderators.

What Does an Attendee see?

From the image below, you can see the comments from the image above mixed in with the chat that was saved in the Live Tab when the webinar was set up. The Attendee’s chat looks jus like the regular chat.

Now that we have covered sharing, and how to moderate if you want… it’s time to move on to the numbers game!

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Seeing Who Attended

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