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Setting up Your Presenters

Now that you are done with the Configuration tab, you will move on to the Presenters tab.  (Marked #1 Below)

Since you converted a WebinarJam session, your presenters are going to carry over to the EverWebinar, so this makes things even easier. However, if you wish to edit the information, you do so by clicking the pencil on that presenter. (Marked with an arrow below)

Change Photo You can upload a square 135 x 135 pixel image (Marked #2 Below)

Full Name Add or modify your presenter’s name here. (Marked # 3 Below)

Email Address With WebinarJam all presenters need a gmail account.  With EverWebinar, that’s not a worry.  (Marked #4 Below)

Add Admin Presenter  Be sure to click this when you are done so your presenter is added!  (Marked #5 Below)

Save and Next 


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 Rocking Registration!

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