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Seeing Who Attended – EverWebinar Analytics

Of course, what’s a webinar without Attendees?  Analytics will help you see who attended and when.  EverWebinar has several different analytic offerings, but two of the most important are Traffic and Registrants/Attendees.


To get this report you’ll need to click Analytics from the left side of your dashboard.  (Marked #1 Below)

You’ll then want to select the webinar, session, and what time frame you want to see from their respective drop down menus.  Then press go (Marked #2 Below)

Click the down arrow on “Analytics: Traffic” (Marked #3 Below)

Here you can see Unique Visitors, which are people who have not seen your page before, and registrants.  Registrants are the number of people who registered for this particular session of webinars.    Now you know how many people registered for that webinar session.




Analytics: Registrants and Attendees

This is probably the most important part of analytics, as  you can get a list of your registrants and attendees from your webinar!

Since you are already in the session, just scroll down to Analytics: Registrants and Attendees and click the down arrow (Marked #3 Below)


You have several drop down menus available in the next bit.  These allow you to change session, see who purchased, when someone left the replay room, or choose a different time frame. (Marked #4 Below)

NOTE: As EverWebinar is basically a replay of a webinar, there is no live webinar, so there won’t be any attendees of the live webinar.

After setting your drop down menus to show what you want, you can press “Export Current List” to get a downloadable Excel file (Marked #5 Below)

If you need to edit information on one person, you’ll click the pencil beside their name.  To delete a person, click the trash can beside their name, (Marked #6 Below)


This concludes our EverWebinar Quick Start guide!  We hope you enjoyed it and it provides you with lots of valuable information to get your EverWebinar started right!


You have completed the EverWebinar Quick Start Guide!

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