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Customizing Your EverWebinar “Live” Experience

This is the part of EverWebinar that really takes your previous WebinarJam session from good to great.  It allows you to customize the live experience to better fit your evergreen content.

The system will automatically import your WebinarJam session in replica exactly as it happened live. This includes your chat, offer settings, polls, everything. Therefore, you don’t need to configure a single thing if you don’t wish. However, if you’d like to tweak the parameters and fine tune the evergreen experience, you can see those options below.

Live Chat Box

Let’s go into the Live Chat Box. (Marked #2 Below)

You’ll notice it says, “You will be able to log in live to interact in real time with your webinar attendees while the pre-recorded presentation plays on autopilot”. We’ll cover that in a few chapters.

While you are here you can add lines of chat, by

  • Adding the time (Marked #4 Below)
  • Adding a name (Marked #5 Below)
  • Choosing between Attendee or Admin (Marked #6 Below)
  • Adding a line of chat (Marked #7 Below)
  • Choosing between Chat or Question or Answer if you picked Admin earlier (Marked #8 Below)

You can also delete a line of chat by clicking the trash can beside the line.

Now we’re going to leave the rest of the Live Webinar Experience alone so we can finish setting up this evergreen webinar.

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Replays, Monetizing, and Finish

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